ZTC specializes in the design and development of digital forensics tools. Established in 2004, the company focuses on creating new and innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of each of our customers. We develop widely deployed and highly regarded digital forensic tools. Few companies can match our experience and expertise when it comes to creating customized digital forensics software. Our tools process petabytes of data, and reveal billions of data points for our customers. Our key advantage is that our personnel are highly trained and have vast experience in the field of digital forensics – our elite team consists of exceptionally skilled software developers capable of building custom digital forensic tools.

Our personnel are highly skilled computer scientists who redefine the state of the art in digital forensics software design and implementation. We deliver solutions that process petabytes of data, billions of data points, and empower thousands of people across the globe. Our software engineers have earned undergraduate and/or graduate degrees in computer science and engineering from top university programs. We have extensive experience developing software, and are ready to use a variety of languages and tools to meet customers needs including C#, C++, Java, Python along with industry standard development tools such as Visual Studio and Git. Our technical staff are always considered highly regarded team members on all the projects on which we contribute.

Interested in 4N6DEV? ZTC is always looking for talented developers to join our team. We offer meaningful and interesting work with an experienced and fun team of developers along with competitive compensation and great benefits. Use your 1337 skills to contact us.

You are welcome to contact us at aW5mb0B6dGMuaW8K.